Multiple camera views not supported with SD card

I have had (2) Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Cameras for the last two years supporting multi-cameras (only 2 BTW). I do not use the cloud only an SD Card. But now on the second camera in multi-view on my YI phone app, it now states (in green font) that “This feature is only available to Kami Cloud Subscribers”. When did this change??? However, my desktop app still supports the multi camera view no problem. If anybody is experiencing this same issue and has a a fix please lemme know!
THX so much! :thinking::v:

Hello @spoonman01! Welcome to the community!
What is the app that you’re using? Was it YI Home or YI IoT? It seems that you’ve been using an outdated version of the app. The multi camera view feature had been part of the cloud service for quite some time now. Just recently, a new release for the YI IoT app had included the multi camera view to the Kami Cloud Service.