Multi view cameras

Hello is anyone know how we can unlock the option to view all cameras instead going from camera to camera
I have 10 cameras in home and office and i m really disappointed on other cameras apps u can view all cameras at once and choose which one you want to see :disappointed: please advise thanks :blush:

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Hey @Eli7477 Thanks for coming to the forum for more information. May I ask if you are a cloud subscriber?

I’d like to know the same thing

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About Multi-live view? Or whether or not @Eli7477 is a cloud subscriber? :slight_smile:

I’m wondering about Multi-live view

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I use a superb monitoring app called “tinyCam Pro” for that. You can add all sorts of cameras to it and it can display multiple camera feeds simultaneously. Worth checking out IMO.

Although not sure how Yi people feel about me recommending such apps here as I think they'd prefer people buying their cloud subscription instead of using other tools. ;)

@user12345 maaaaybe we prefer that but, if there’s a good resource, feel free to post it. :slight_smile:

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Have to subscribe to cloud (can do one camera) and then you can multiview (on phone). Desktop app does multiview for free.

I have a mix of Yi and Yi-Iot. The latest Yi-Iot android app update 20-May now shows both Yi and Yi-Iot cameras. On top of that it has multi view for free, no subscription. Maybe there’s an update for Yi/Kami apps coming also?

Disappointedly Yi cameras have been removed from the latest Yi-IoT android app. I liked that Yi-IoT app showed the Yi Dome U Pro video uncropped, unlike the Yi app.

I am in the same boat. I have 15 cameras and it seems silly that for a simple feature like that I have to pay monthly for a plan I don’t need!

I installed the app but it is not finding any cameras on the LAN. How do you add the Kami cameras to this app?