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I have two Yi Dome Cameras and just subscribed to cloud service so that my wife and I could utilize the multi-camera view functionality within the Yi Home app. We use these cameras to monitor young ones during nap time, etc. and could not find a way to allow audio when in the multi-camera view.


Is there any way to enable audio from both cameras while in multi-view? If not, I believe this would be an easy and valuable feature to add.


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Hey @rnagy Great question! And, welcome to the community.

It is not possible to turn on multiple camera microphones when using multi cam view. You can listen to each camera individually but not at the same time.

I agree, great feature. The forum is an excellent place to share. I will add this to our requested features and talk with our product team.

Hope you’re having a good one!

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Thanks for the speedy response @Steven_Kami!


Hopefully the product development team likes the idea as the multi-camera view was the main reason we subscribed to cloud service.


If the app added the ability to monitor sound in the multi-camera view, we would likely continue our subscription. Without this key feature, the main reason we subscribed to the cloud service is of little benefit to us.


Should the product team decide this is a feature worth implementing, approximately how long does it usually take to get a feature added? (A couple months, half a year, in excess of a year?)


Thanks in advance!


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