Moved to new phone. Installed app, logged in > ALL CAMERAS GONE !!

Greetings fellows,

As a long time user it was time for me to switch to a new phone (android).

After installing the yi home app and logging in all cameras are gone. On the old phone they are all still online, so it seems not to be a user error (deleted cameras).

I am aware yi has still problems with loosing cameras after a firmware update. It is also mentioned on the yi site in case of remote firmware updates. One should power cycle the camera or repair if they are gone. Sure, no problem hop in a car and drive 300 miles to a landhouse to power cycle a camera …

Now I remember why I stopped updating firmwares on the Yi cameras.

Have not encountered such problems with different major and reliable msnufacturers.

If you can see the cameras and they are functioning correctly on your old phone then it’s got nothing to do with firmware or Yi. The old phone would be impacted too.

On the new phone check that the log in location matches what your account is.

Take a look at this video

Ensure if you are Europe based you select that. Or if you are USA based select that and so on.

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Also @fannta check your if you new camera is utilizing 5g vs 2.4ghz. New phone models use 5g. What you can do is, switch your phone to 2.4ghz, repair the camera, THEN turn on 5g in your phone.

Let us know how it goes