Motion detection problem

Hi. Have a problem with my 1080 dome camera.My motion detection settings are all set to high they were working fine (6sec clip recorded and received alerts and notifications). Suddenly since today it stop workin.If i unplug the camera and replug it ill be getting 1 motion detection alert and notification with 6s clip and after nothing even hours later with my motions test… and still in away mode no setting changed since the beggining
I know there’s a cooldown betwins clips but i dont receive any at all after first one.Only if i unplug and replig the camera?

P.S sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. It could just be a system issue. I have experienced similar a couple of times with the same camera and things seem to correct themselves in a maximum 24 hours.

Things should still be recorded though just the notifications.

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Seem to be back to normal already! Thx.


Thanks for the update @JkR450! And thanks for the helping out other forum members @YorkshireUser :slight_smile:

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