Motion detection intermittent

Hello, I have one Yi Dome 1080p and two fixed 1080p indoor cameras.
1/ Last night I had two alerts from the Dome camera with a sound notification.
2/ Today I had three alerts during the day all silent.
3/ I added the other two fixed cameras to Home away selection and I suddenly received a flood of Alerts from earlier in the day, with a sound notification.
4/ Now it is back to no notifications.
5/ I have been in the same room as the Dome camera all day so it is seeing plenty of movement.
6/ Why is it intermittent and what can I do?
7/ Have tried all combinations of alert sensitivity and frequency. Still getting occasional and clustered very delayed alerts.
WiFi connection strong 100 Mbps
Cell signal strong 100Mbps (5g)
Cameras all set to motion detection
Cameras set for 24/7

Would appreciate some help please

Hello @steverabs! Great questions and information on what is going on. We greatly appreciate it. I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Can you turn your cell signal to 2.4ghz and test motion detection?
Can you try to remove all cameras from Home away and test motion detection as well?

Keep us posted. We look forward to your response.

Thanks Steven. When I said cell signal I meant Cellular 5g for my Mobile phone not 5GHz WiFi. The cameras are working with 2.4GHz WiFi. The steps I have taken since my previous post follow.

1/ All yesterday morning I was receiving no alerts apart from occasional random events.
2/ Yesterday afternoon I took the plunge. Reset the Dome Camera and reinstalled it. I then started to get alerts. Good news. I also realised that I hadn’t been getting video upload from the Dome camera prior to that, was only seeing the random 6s alert snips.
3/ Today. Still getting alerts, so carefuly experimented with the sensitivity settings and alert frequency. Still working. Good news.
4/ Also had reliable alerts from the two remote fixed Yi 1080p indoor cams this morning while the other other building had someone in it. Good news.
5/ Upload stream from the Dome is reliable with gaps where there hasn’t been activity for a while. Is that correct? Or should it be a constant upload stream even in the absence of alerts. If that is correct then I am very happy because that is exactly what the Remote Cams are doing as well.

I would prefer not to remove the cameras from home/away at the moment, just in case it stops working again. But if you want me to try I will and I’ll repeat the steps above if I get a loss of alerts again. Please advise. In the meantime, thanks for your help. Regards, Steve