Most Recent App Update

Hello Forum,

As some of you may have seen, we have released a new app update. There have been some unfavorable changes some intentional, some not.

Please know Please know we value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. We are aware of the issues with video playback and are actively working on a fix. Please check back in 48 hours for an update. Thank you for all your support and patience.

I will be in touch.

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We have released an update to repair issues with video playback experienced by some of our android app users. Please go to your iOS App Store, search the Kami Home App, and update your app. Yi Home App update is waiting for approval in the iOS store. It will be released very soon. If you are an android user, please go to the Google Play Store to update either Yi Home or Kami Home app. Both updated versions are currently available in the Google Play Store We value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. Thank you for your patience and support.

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Hello All: Please see this detailed blog entry giving a walk-thru the awesome new user interface!

The update I just got on my ipad has rendered the app useless again. When you select full screen mode it rotates the screen 90 degrees so you are looking at the picture sideways. Turn the device 90 degrees and the picture rotates also so it is still sideways.

This is just inexcusable.

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Hey @wirlybird Thanks for reporting this to us. I have just shared with our team and they will address this immediately. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience. This most recent release did not meet our high quality standard and will work hard to avoid such issues in the future.

That would be good. I do hope so!
Seems like the “standards” have been taking a beating lately.

Indeed this is awful. The only way to get around it is to lock rotation and then everything else is locked in portrait mode. Ruins it for me.

Learned a lot… a lot to improve on indeed :slight_smile: we greatly appreciate your patience while we work to get this resolved.

Working on this now. Thank you for your feedback.

It’s possible this has to do with IPadOS 15, which I just installed. It was after that that the problem started occurring and it was before I updated to 5.0.2. It works correctly on the iPhone ios 15.

Thanks for the info @jscris please know our team is aware of this issue and working hard to resolve it very quickly. As soon as as new release is available, I will be sure to announce it on the forum. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, i use this blog to say “thanks” to YI/Kami. For me the app is fine again. Thanks for going back to functionality before all these awful recent updates:

  • date/time and timeline is back on full screen
  • navigation using the timeline works as fine as previously
  • activities on SD-card are again shown correctly
    OK, clarity is still not that fine as before the awful updates, but it is acceptable.
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Thanks for the update :slight_smile: we will do better in the future.