Missing cameras after IOS update (happened a few months ago)

I installed 3 Yi 1080p home cameras at my elderly parents’ house while I was there visiting, back in Feb/March (2020). I currently live overseas and for a few months all was OK and I was able to monitor things in my parent’s home. I bought a year’s worth of cloud storage, and that seemed to be working as well. I was getting alerts for the cameras, etc. At some point recently (past 2 months or so) I found there was an update to the Yi Home IOS app and I downloaded it. I found that when I brought up the new version of the Yi Home app, the already installed cameras were missing. I was busy with other stuff when that happened, and at that time there was no real incentive to get the problem fixed. Recently I was provided incentive to get the camera situation fixed and I am trying to figure out what can be done to get the cameras that had been installed back running remotely on my iPhone, without having to be at my Mom’s house, if possible. Appreciate any help/incite/other similar posts/answers if you know of any.

I hope you are having a great day. You are correct there are few issues after the IOS update. We are constantly working on new software features to enhance your experience that will be helpful for the majority of our customers.

You can download the KAMI Home app as it has the previous app user interface and is working fine. Don’t worry because it has the same app interface, it is just the name that differs.

Hey there @HillSide, welcome to the forum. You can also try and force close the YI Home app, and reopen it, as that will take you back to the older user interface.

If you still don’t get your cameras back from this method, or the suggestion made by @Kami_Anne please let us know :slight_smile:

Hi Kami_Mark and Kami_Anne… I think I read that Kami Home App can work with 5 GHz WiFi and not just 2.4 GHz … if that is true, that is a REAL PLUS for Yi camera support! In the meantime, reading a post on the forum after doing more searching (after I sent in my post) - I found one that told me to delete the app, download it again, set the region, log in - and voila!! 3 cameras that were working before are now working again!! That’s freakN fantastic!!

Now I have a 4th camera that I had disconnected while at home (my stepfather spotted it and unplugged it - he is 91 years old, with Parkinson’s (still mobile) and probably didn’t like the fact that I installed cameras to keep an eye on him and my 90 year old Mom (reason I had installed the Yi cameras)… He had done that on a previous trip for me back home with another camera… next time I am home I will have someone do a proper installation of the cameras in the ceiling, run the power cable, etc…

at any rate, tried to get the 4th camera up and running… had the caregiver plug it in… but it isn’t seen by the Yi Home app… I plan to try to install the camera remotely… My plan is to have the caregiver reset the camera (have a photo from the app install instructions I will provide to her), and then when it asks for it, I will hold up a photo of the QR code for my Mom’s router SSID/password, to my iPhone, during a WhatsAPP video session, and her point the QR code on her phone screen, toward the Yi camera… and hopefully it will all work out… we’ll see… my Mom/stepfather are in Florida and I am in Thailand…

So, I am MUCH more than HAPPY that the forum lead me to the solution to get the cameras up and running again in the latest upgrade of the Yi Home app… 3 cameras is pretty decent coverage… But a 4th camera would be even mo_bettuh!!

Thanks for your speedy replies!! You guys rock the quality support bigHOUSE, all day long, I say DayOH, DayOH, daylight come and I don wanna go home!!

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Cool! I am so glad that you had those 3 cameras working. In regards to the pairing, the camera and your mobile phone need to be connected to the same network. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

The install/adding of a camera in the Yi Home app allows you to enter an SSID and password for the network. And then it generates a QR code based on that (I am guessing). If that is true, seems like I can screen capture that QR code and then use it with my phone in a video call (point my phone camera at the QR code) and have the person at the remote end put her phone up to the camera being set up, and maybe if I am lucky, this will work… worth a try…

Want to also mention for the above comment of mine, that I would either print out the QR code and point my phone camera at that (during the video call), or use a photo image on my laptop to point my phone at… but now that I am thinking about it, I might get the mirror effect problem with my method… might be the reverse/mirror image on my phone, and that might not work to use on the distant end phone (during the video call)… might need to print it off at the distant end, and have the person there point the camera at the print out of the QR code… either way, will try it in the future and report back if it ends up working… my problem as I mentioned above (I think) is that the Yi cameras are in Florida at my Mom’s house and I am in Thailand… I want to get the 4th camera up and running on my phone (along with the other working cameras)… Additionally, the 4th Yi camera was working at one point at my Mom’s house when I was visiting there and installed the cameras (in Feb/March)… I have that cameras ID info in the Yi App for the 4th camera - it just doesn’t work, sez the camera is offline… my guess is that the 4th camera somehow lost the network info and that is why it won’t connect to the network… or might be a defective camera - I forget if I was thinking that when I was at home… there was a shitTONNE of stuff going on in my life, in my elderly parent’s life when I was last there trip, and I didn’t have time to either get a newer Infinity Modem/Router installed, get network extenders added to boost the signal in their house, or send the camera back thinking it might be defective… again, there was a shitTONNE of stuff going on during that trip, and I was lucky to be able to get back to Thailand and out of what became a COVID-19 hotSpoT/Florida before the world shut down due to COVID-19…

Hey @HillSide I don’t think this will work. But what you could do is have the person at the other end log into your account and pair the cameras for you. And then once the pairing process is finished you can change your password.

You’ll have to guide the person in Florida through the process of resetting the camera. The process is pretty easy. If you can’t get the camera to connect it might be worth checking if the router is working correctly.

Kami_Mark, thanks for your replies… If the camera has to communicate with the app during the initialization (after sending the camera the QR code), then it won’t work as I will be attached to a different network (a far, far, far away network)… but still, I will give it a try and let you know…

and that is a good idea - have someone at the house (caregiver, etc) log in with my account on the app, and get the camera attached that way… I like that idea, but the caregiver has very basic IT skills… she has a relative who is an IT guy, so maybe we can get him to come over to help out…

thanks again for your assistance with this!! you support guys rock the BIG HOUSE!!

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Hey! Hillside. I’m hoping that you will have a great day ahead. That’s very awesome! Let us know how they handle the pairing and see how we could help further.