Microphone Suggestion

I am new to Yi, bought a couple of the 360 panoramic models, with the light bulb socket. I was upset with Ring because the cam is unusable as a baby monitor or, as in my case, a bedridden adult, because after 10 minutes or so it would disconnect. Ring knows this and won’t accommodate the millions of people who want this. What good is a security cam if you can’t continually monitor an entrance door??

Anyway, so far, I love the cam, ecept for the PC App for Windows. I use it to monitor my wife while I am my workshop in the garage so it doesn’t tie up my cell phone. Unfortunately, there is no microphone functionality. I need to be able to talk to my wife if she calls for me.
I hope that this is available REAL soon!

Also, while using my phone app something very cool and desirable happened only once, but I cannot duplicate it. While using the live view all of a sudden I was duplexing - I could hear audio from the came, and talk to Mt wife at the same time - both icons for speaker and mic showed that they were in use! I want that!!

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