Micro SD card formatting

Hey gang
This is a FYI
Not sure if anyone’s noticed this but after you format the Micro SD card and the camera reboots, go check the alerts.
The SD card still contains the past 24 hours of alerts.
No sure why or if this is by design.
I checked this out on two different cameras.

One would think when you format the SD card it would be clear. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think those alerts are on the free cloud. Or have you taken out the card and viewed in a computer Mr Tinker? If so I haven’t seen that to be honest.


I haven’t pulled the SD and viewed on my laptop
I will in the next day or so.

One thing I wished they add to the YI is a port so I just open a spring loaded flap and connect a cable to download the contents of the SD card.

I’m almost afraid to try an open that SD access door when the camera is installed outside.
I know I’ll drop one or both of those small Phillips head screws. :grin:

Thanks for the thought on the free ICloud
That’s probably what’s going on.

I’ll let you know



I think it could be related to the free cloud storage that everyone gets. Is it a partial clip of the motion?

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24 hours worth of 6 sec clips
I didn’t try to see if I could view the entire 24 hours of video, but I will let you know soon😁

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There are 24 hours worth of 6 second alerts.
If you go into the video history there’s nothing.

So the 24 hours worth of 6 sec clips must be in the cloud.

Food for thought

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Must be. Thats the only thing that makes sense. Man, we are learning! Thank you for your tinkering @Swiftrun :slight_smile:

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