Memory limitations

I’m no expert but here I am thinking out loud.
I saw an article how to create your own cloud using Raspberry Pi Nano Cloud.

I’m not sure if you can direct your camera to point/upload to your own cloud (I’m guessing not) as I think you’d need to be able to edit the firmware for this to happen.
Again, way beyond my knowledge but I do see where you can create your own cloud.

Me personally, I like to have my data within physical arms reach.

Anyways, food for thought.


Exactly Tinker you cannot direct it to your own cloud at this time. I have a local NAS which I’d love to be able to use. Now the actual NAS (Synology) does have its own security camera software inbuilt.

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Now if you could edit the YI firmware…:thinking::grin:

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Ha ha I guess the camera could be modified somehow but I like them and the brand



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You guys are awesome. Funny thread to get caught up on :joy:

Let me find out some more information on SD card size limitations and if there’s any update I can give.

Thanks all!


Anytime we can have a laugh, life is good.

See what happens when a retiree has a thought😁


That would be great if you could get the SD limitations set in firmware.
And if they tell you 64gb, tell them to look again​:wink::rofl:

My continuously video recording 24/7 is at 35gb so far.
About 9gb per day.
I have gone back and looked at the video from day 1, no problems so far.
I think once the SD card is full I’ll remove it and view it on my laptop for ease of use.
If there’s no issues I’ll probably jump right to the 1tb card for the heck of it :grin:


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:joy: :joy: im gonna try to find about these “limitations” on our end

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Hey gang,

So far we are at 80gb used of the 256gb Micro SD card of continuously recording test.
I’ve scrolled back to the beginning, video seems fine with no issues so far.

Stay tuned!
Tinkerer :grin:


Halfway through my 256gb (238gb actually) card recording trial.
119gb later, camera is still recording 24/7 with no apparent video issues from the beginning.
Another 12 days give or take to go!:grin:

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That’s awesome! Thanks for all the tinkering! :slight_smile:

So how is this going almost two months on?

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256gb recorded flawlessly.
I’m going to try a 1tb SanDisk Extreme shortly.
I’ve been dragging my heels doing other things.

It would be nice to have a port to plug into the camera and copy the SD card.
Or it means bringing the camera inside, removing card to copy the disk.
No way I’m going to try and remove that SD card outside.
Those two screws will be lost about a minute after they come out.

Summers are busier for me.
I have shares in Standardbred racehorses that I try to see.
Winter, spring is more my tinkering time.

Here’s a couple pics from my camera that is about 25-30m from the router.
Dog visiting and a couple possums.
This tree is where I feed my wildlife friends :grin:

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