Maximum SD card Size

Hello Everyone, Please i will like to know if i can use 128 GB or 256 GB SD Card on the YI indoor dome camera. Thank you.

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Please see below from Yi official help centre

“We recommend SD cards that are Class10, FAT32 file format with a storage between 8GB to 64GB. To ensure recording experience and quality, we recommend SanDisk, Samsung and other major label SD cards”.


Thanks a lot Brian… :+1: :+1:

Hello, I would like to know how to actually get the Yi indoor camera to start recording onto the sd card? Is it just as simple as putting the card into the camera slot, which I have done. Thank you.


There is a little bit more to check.

Turn off the camera slit in the sd card it should go in easily and may ‘click in’ don’t force it, there is only one way to put the card into the device.

From your camera view. Visit settings ( looks like an hexagon) from that page scroll down towards the bottom to storage.

Tap ‘MicroSD Card’ and format it. Format it even if it is new.

Once it’s completed check that the statement is like in my screen grab ‘In good condition’.

If you wish for the card to record only when there is motion detection go ahead and turn it on. If not turn it off and it will record all the time. You will get alerts via the cloud option (including the free option). Always on recording will get you about 4-5 days of recording before the oldest is overwritten on a 32gb card.

The max size storage is dependent on your model of camera (mine are all 32gb max there are some higher up to 64gb). Check the packaging with your camera to ensure you get the right size. You can buy SD cards specific for cameras of this type and I would always recommend a good quality brand

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Thank you @YorshireUser for replying so quickly. When I am in the settings, it is showing “Cloud storage” and a button to activate premium cloud service, which I don’t want to do as it is asking for a credit card. Is that preventing me from seeing other storage options? I don’t see anywhere else where I can change the storage option. I have the Yi 1080p indoor camera and I am using the android app on a Samsung phone. Thank you again.

Hi rita.

Are you in the settings menu of the camera. Your camera model should hd s the option posted. The cloud storage (premium / paid for) does not impact the SD storage facility.

If possible could you tap into your camera, select the settings, scroll to the very bottom and take a screen grab and paste that to this post please?

If you require this information (sounds like you already have a SD card though the size range for the camera is between 8-32gb).


You won’t see an option to change the banner to activate the cloud storage (that will remain there all the time). Using an SD card correctly formatted will enable the recordings to the local storage.

Here’s another screen grab of the camera settings screen

Thank you for your patience with me. Just having a problem uploading the screen capture of the window for you. Also the sd card is a 16gb card already formatted as FAT32 (when we checked the properties of the card via windows). I tried unplugging the camera and then plugging it back in again with the card inserted, but the options do not appear to have changed. Maybe the card is not good and I need to order a new one or I possibly don’t have the latest firmware. I ordered a new card and it will arrive on Saturday. I will email the Yi support to see if I have the latest firmware. Thank you for your assistance, you have been very helpful.

Rita when you go to your camera where you can see the live feed. If you tap once on the picture the toolbar should change


To this

The orange indicates recordings (timeline). As you can see mine is a full because I have always on recurring. If the orange punctuates the black that id because it’s set to motion record.

To check your firmware:

• Click into your camera
• Tap on settings
• Tap in camera settings

… scroll to the bottom to check firmware (‘Firmware Version’).

I think something is wrong with it recognizing the card. I will get the new one (SanDisk 64Gb) on Saturday and try the steps you have outlined from the beginning again. The card was included with an industrial endoscope I got for hubby, so maybe it’s not the best quality ;p I will let you know if I have success with the new card. I checked my firmware and it says it is up-to-date. Thank you so much for your help, it’s very much appreciated!

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Fyi - firmware version on mine is and says Up to Date.

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The SD needs to be of Class 10 or better. Did you say the camera is Home 1080p if so I’m not sure if it will accept 64gb

Ignore the comment about the sd card I’ve just read up the discs and that can take that size.

Yes, the microSD card I ordered is a class 10, XC1 (

And the description on Amazon does say it can accept that capacity card, so it should work:

Yes that sd card will be fine.

I think the issue you have right now is due to the sd card you have tried to use. I’m hopeful when you install the new SD card you should be fine. Just turn off your camera first prior to installing it.


@YorkshireUser, all is good! Got my card today, put it in, formatted it and now I can see it is recording onto the card. Thank you so much for all your help…Ciao!

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Top stuff :slight_smile:

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