Malaysia Shopee Platform Warranty Service

Hihi, Good day!

I would like to know do the KAMI product warranty claim service is by quantity items bought or by orders?

i bought 2 YI Dome Guard camera through Malaysia Shopee Platform as it claims is authorized seller and will provide 1 year warranty!
here is my purchase record:

Unfortunately 1 of the camera got dirty spot within the lens so i hurry report to seller and seller requested me to do the refund. But sorry to mentioned the shopee platform won’t treat the refund process once both side confirmed the deal. Then seller offer me a voucher for a discount of next purchase. And i also agree with it to simplify the warranty process so i can replace for my customer too.

One more time bad luck come or the YI camera product quality are too LOW! another camera down and can’t connect the WIFI. Once again reported to seller and had divert to the YI Email support.
After go through the Email support and run through few trial of Reset and Firmware upgrade. Problem retained. So the Tech support escalated the case and ask me contact the seller to further claims the camera unit.
OK! back to the seller part. it drag me few days and keep giving excuse that liker refuse to claim. you may judge by screenshot below:

So, can any support here please help to clarify that:

  1. Warranty shipment - seller claims too expensive so won’t claims?
  2. Warranty Claims by Order and not for quantity purchase?

Kindly Advise, Thank you!

Best Regards,
Chang Wing Hong

Please visit this forum post YI Asia Pacific: YI Help Center - I would contact Yi Technology in your region for further guidance and warranty matters. These differ from country to country so contacting local region YI is the best way to get your help you need.

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Hello @winhong Thanks for coming to the forum for more info. I am sorry to hear you’re having troubles. As suggested by YorkShire, please visit the help center for our Asia Pacific territory shared above.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hallo, ich kann mich nicht mehr einloggen. Daten sind korrekt. YI schreibt ich bekomme eine Email, aber ich bekomme keine emails. Auch nicht im Spam.