Live delayed by using YIHomePCClientIntl for windows

YI Security Camera Dome Guard
About 3 seconds delayed by using wired local network connection.

Thanks for your message. I’m not sure what you are asking for here. Are you asking why is there a 3 second delay when using the ethernet connection?

Have you tested using the wifi instead of wired local network connection? Would be curious to see the difference, if there is any.

You’re using the PC app to pull up the live views? What about when you use the phone app? What is the difference in live view upload speed?

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I was thinking 3 seconds for ip camera technology is pretty good.

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There’s no different by use pc or iphone, all delay 3 more seconds from the real time. When I see somebody came in from the screen the gay already at my office’s door which is 5 more meters from front door.

@Engineer thanks for the feedback. We are very prideful of our latency/connection speed. 3 seconds is actually quite good for IP cameras as mentioned by YorkShire.

We use the latest technology through edge computing to increase those speeds and will continue to improve as time moves along. Other companies strictly using the cloud have much worse speeds.

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I can accept 3 seconds or even more If I were in another country somewhere to check my home in UK. But the my case is I am just 5 meters from the camera and all the devices connected to the same local network(Router) and I can not monitoring my front door by real time. If you guys do not have any solution, I’ll seek help somewhere else.
Thank you anyway.

To be honest - and I have tried and own many IP brands of cameras - Yi is one of the best in terms of lower delay. Due to the cameras routing over the internet it doesn’t really matter where you are stood in terms of your router. It gets routed if you are a meter from your home router or in a plane 30,000 feet above the ground (which on other IPcamera brands I have tested).

I would recommend if you are not happy to return the cameras for a refund and try another brand. But for this technology three seconds is actually not too bad.

But have a look at other brands (I personally use three other brands in my home environment which cost a lot more than Yi, and Yi performs with the least delay). But all are acceptable for me and work on my FFTH service.

But no one wants you to be disappointed so ask your retailer for a refund and all the best with your next purchase.

— I have just done a quick crude test in my home and my response from Yi camera is practically instant. One of the other brands around 1-1.5 seconds.

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