Lens Distortion Correction missing for latest YI 1080p Home Camera

Hi, I bought my 3rd Yi 1080p camera, but I like the first two it is missing the Lens Distortion Correction setting.

All three were purchased from Amazon with the same ASIN: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01CW4AR9K

All 3 have different firmware versions, but they all say they are up to date. Is the camera hardware different for these, or is it just the firmware that is different?

As you can see the last one is missing the Lens Distortion Correction option.

Hey @sarke thanks for coming to the community.

You can manually update the firmware so that the cameras have the most current version. That will be the only difference.

No difference in the hardware :slight_smile:

So then if I upgrade the other cameras, I will also lose the Lens Distortion Correction feature?

Hey @sarke Thank you for providing the screenshots. I have our team digging into this to find out more information. One question: is your email on file for the forum the same email on file for your app account?

We can pull up some info and find out more. Just want to be sure we have the correct email address.

Many thanks for your patience while we look into this further.

Hey @sarke We need a little bit more info to help us resolve this issue. We need the device ID #.

You can find this by tapping the thumbnail of the camera in question, then on the bottom selection menu choose “settings” and select “Camera Name”. You will find the devices ID. I’ll send you a direct message so you can share it privately.