Kami wireless camera on off software option

can anyone tell me why you cant turn off the camera remotely using the kami app?. are there plans to make this possible in future releases… if i want to turn off for a few hrs to save battery life as i am working on garden etc i cannot…

i have YI cameras and you can with these so why not the Same feature???

Hey @rayxx thanks for posting! You can turn your Kami camera off from the Kami app the same way you do from the Yi app.

Select the setting icon for the camera you’d like to turn off.

At the top of the settings menu, you can toggle the camera on/off.

Check out this screen shot of the settings menu for reference:

hmm i dont have this option on the menu on android kami app??..

its the latest version and i also have yi app?

this function is not available on new wireless kami camera , not on app

yes! you are correct @rayxx it is only for wired gamers.

Even I learn something new. It does appear that wireless cameras do not have the on/ff option. That is definitely something we should consider adding!

What I am going to do is move this thread to the product wishlist category and inform our team of this upgrade requests. Thank you so much for your patience and feedback.