Kami WireFree Outdoor Camera Problem with Echo Show 8

Hi, I’m new in the Forum. Nice to meet you all.
I’ve Just bought a Kami WireFree Outdoor Camera. It works well with the Yi Home App but doesn’t pair with Echo Show 8 even if the Skill Is Enable and, for example, the other two cameras (Yi Technology Indoor Camera) works without problems.
Someone can help me please?
Best regards.

Hello @Cosmolotto1970 Welcome to the community! Have you been able to sort our this issue?

I recommend reseting your camera. Or contacting our support team at support@yitechnology.com

Hi Steven, nice to meet you and thank you for your answer.
I’ve reset the camera but the Problem Is still “Active”.
I’ve Also sent a message to the technical support Yesterday and waiting for their answer.
Best regards.

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@Cosmolotto1970 Thanks for letting me know. If you have any concerns moving forward just let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi Steven the Support Just answered and the Problem Is “gone”.
Of you want you can close this ticket.
Thanks again for your courtesy.
Best regards.


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@Cosmolotto1970 thanks for your patience and assistance to resolve the issue!

So, how did they fix the problem?