Kami Wired-Free Outdoor Kamera Firmware

I have 2 kami wired-free outdoor cameras. but I can’t use the camera. because the camera records images for a maximum of 1 minute. it only starts recording when it detects motion and records for 1 minute. Also, the motion detection sensor is not enough. it doesn’t detect half of the movements. I request you to release the firmware that will record this camera 24/7. At least that way it helps me a little bit.

Hey @ababacan We currently offer CVR cloud plans which record 24/7. This is the only way to get 24/7 recording but these cannot be be used with our wired-free battery cameras. There are some limitations that come with using a battery camera vs wired in order to maximize battery life. Have you looked into our wired outdoor cameras?

Hi Steven,
yes I know. I have bought many products of Yi . I bought 2 dome 1080p, dome u, 7 kami indoor, 2 yi outdoor, 3 yi home, 2 yi home kit and 2 kami wired-free outdoor cameras. The product I was hoping for the most was the kami wired-free outdoor camera. Unfortunately, the product I was most disappointed with was kami wired-free outdoor.

If the sensors of the kami wired-free outdoor camera could capture every movement, then it would still be usable for me. but it can’t catch every move. 30%-40% of movement are lost.

Unfortunately, I cannot use it as it is. for this reason, even though it is a battery-powered camera, I ask you to release firmware for me. at least it records all day.

Hey @ababacan We do not have a firmware for the outdoor wired free camera that will allow you to record all day.

Are the cameras in a place where they can be wired? I would recommend potentially switching to our wired camera instead of the wired-free. There is a cool down period for the wired-free by design in order to maintain battery life. If it were recording all day, the battery would be eaten up very quickly.

If interested in using the outdoor wired camera, I would love to work something out with you so you can get a good deal.

Let me know your thoughts. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

thanks steven. My cameras are not plugged in. They’re in the closet. I took them off because I couldn’t use them as they are. I thought maybe I could make it usable with the firmware instead of standing still. Of course I prefer wired cameras instead of these cameras.

I also think that the amount of detections made by the motion detection sensor is not enough. I don’t ask 24/7 at all. I think the battery would last a week at most. But I ask the camera to register in 6-second clips a higher percentage of movements.

I have a camera showing the garden of a second dwelling that is only permanently inhabited from July to September. The rest of the year, practically only on weekends.
In summer there are 4~6 adults, 5 children and a dog all day around the pool. The maximum number of detections that were registered was 24 in one day.

The camera broke down, but it was quickly replaced by Xiaomi (thank you so much :pray: fantastic @Steven_Kami and Xiaomi :ok_hand:).
When the new camera arrived, I tested it at the entrance to my house.
Every day at 7 AM the baker comes to put bread in a bag hanging at the gate.
Every week I receive several packages, and the postman comes to the door to deliver them because they don’t fit in the mailbox.
The maximum number of detections in a single day was 16, and the average for a week is 11,8 detections per day. The camera NEVER “caught” neither the baker nor the postman, and there are always people and cars passing by on the street. 12 detections is practically nothing and takes away my confidence in the camera as a video surveillance device.

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Where is your preferred marketplace to purchase? From Amazon or from our online store?

And, how many wired-free cameras were you using?

Hello Steven,

I have 2 wired-free cameras. I bought it from the official store on aliexpress

What region are you located in? AliExpress services a lot of places. Is AliExpress the only online marketplace you can shop?

I live in Turkey. No, I don’t just shop from aliexpress. I also have an address in Germany, I do some of my shopping at amazon.de.

Awesome. Let me work with my team hear to get you a coupon code for the wired cameras. The team that handles this overseas. Give me 24 hrs and we will get you taken care of.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks Steven
Have a nice day