Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Users

That would be great. My battery has only lasted 7 days - I think the large number of false triggers is causing a lot of battery usage. Any idea on when an update could happen? Please keep us posted. Thanks.

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Hi @tsiang888, we are working on a firmware update now. It should be pushed out early next week! :smiley:

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@tsiang888 can you tell me where did you instal the camera, is it inside the house or outside? also did you charge the batteries overnight till the charger showed green light, indicating battery was fully charged

Outside the house, and I did charge the batteries fully (I don’t remember if it was overnight or not).

They updated the firmware today by the way and the false alerts seem to have gone away or greatly reduced.


@tsiang888 This is so great to hear! :smiley: Let us know if you should experience any problems again!

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I have noticed consistently a 20 second or so delay in notifications of somebody triggering my Kami wireless cam. Is this usual or can it be resolved. Is anyone else noticing this also?

@MilkinMore yes this is expected, the alerts goes through cluod servers, usually its in 5 sec to 10 seconds

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Mixed experience with 2 cameras so far.


  • Being able to set up camera directly to WiFi with no sync module
  • Picture quality for both day and night is great
  • Battery life seems better after latest firmware upgrade


  • No detection zones which can hopefully be added with firmware update as mentioned above
  • Latest firmware update seems to have impacted motion detection. I am getting no alerts now even walking directly in front of cameras
  • Hopefully AI detection can be added without having to buy a new camera. Other manufacturers have added via firmware updates.
  • Would be good to be able to better control motion sensitivity in general
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@Rhodyrunner please know that there is a cool off period between alerts. After one alert gets registered then no amount of new motion would trigger an alert this cool off period is programable. If you go to settings and click on alert frequency, high alert frequency sets it to 3min medium will set it to 5 mins and low will set it to 8 mins cool off periods.

We are going to add AI human detection in a month we are working on the algorithm and will add it to the firmware update

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@yamin This is great info to know for the user. I don’t recall seeing that in the manual that came with the camera. Please include information such as this in future manuals.

@MilkinMore we will include this in App so its easy for people to read and understand

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@yamin Ok but I use the app and I have not read or seen this so I’m obviously missing something!!! Also most people read the enclosed manual before looking around in the app for how to!!!

Thank you for the update. I also do not recall reading anything about the specific cool off periods either. The app refers to battery life impact on Low, Medium and High settings. Also, on alerts there is an option for filtering for All, Motion and PIR Motion. I just want to confirm that the only type of motion detected is PIR. If not, is there a way to turn off general motion detection and just set to PIR to reduce false notifications.

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Still seems like motion detection is not working as well since latest firmware update. I have walked in front of camera a number of times and the camera has recorded nothing. Same placement prior to update was picking up motion.

@Rhodyrunner the only detection camera should do is PIR, which is heat differential…across the sensor. So if a bug fly’s across the sensor it would trigger PIR. There is no other motion detection such as flag or curtain, however, if there is sunlight or shadow as the flag waves it will trigger PIR. We are updating firmware with a new release in 1 week it should improve the performance further

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I must say I have been keeping a close eye on my wire free outdoor Kami in the recent/current cold temperatures. We have been as cold as -29 for several days in a row and my camera did not faulted. The only issue was in medium to heavy snow and the camera would trigger alerts. Very impressive for a camera that is both affordable and feature rich. Keep it up guys. Gives my Nest cameras a run for its money. I have put away all but one of my Nest cameras!!!

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@MilkinMore we want to fix even these false alerts, we will most likely do a patch for human detection so alerts can be classified, the snow flakes falling across the camera screen trigger the PIR. technology node needs to improve, we are also investigating digital PIR but again still quite rudimentary technology

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@yamin sounds good to me.


I am looking to get a few battery-powered outdoor cameras. Currently I am considering the Kami as well as the Amazon Blink XT2. I would like to go with Kami since I already have 7 Yi Home 3 cameras, however the Blink XT2 appears to be very competitive and the cost is quite good if you purchase more than one at a time.

Here are the main things that would sway my decision towards Kami:

-availability of a gutter mount, like the one below for Blink (the 360 degree horizontal rotation is what I’m looking for):

[Upgraded Version] Gutter Mount for Blink XT & Blink XT2 Outdoor Camera, Best Viewing Angle for Your Blink XT Camera, Weatherproof Aluminum Alloy Material (2 Pack, Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R4JGGXX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_N-KEEb5H5JTQ7

-option for solar battery charging, if this is not possible then a long battery life (Blink XT2 can work up to 2 years between battery changes)

Thank you!

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@yi-haw good afternoon. I do t know much about the blink camera that you mention but I will research it this evening. As you know the Yi cameras are great value as you already have several as do I. With the battery on the Kami outdoor wireless they are currently working on a battery that lasts longer. How long I am not sure to be honest. 2 years would be awesome. On a quick look the blinkx2 is pricier for sure and I’m seeing mixed reports on the actual battery life… I would love to speak with someone that has one or two set up. What I like about Yi products is that they are relatively a new company and possess a lot of excitement about their brand and I believe that shows in the end products with the features etc that are also continuously changing/adding.