Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera - Update via SDCard

Hi, I just bought Kami Outdoor Wireless Camera and it does not work.

I charged batteries to full, I have the correct orientation, and when I turn it on, it just blinks blue. No sound nothing. Reset does not work, it does nothing, regardless of the time I push or try.
I can’t connect it as it will not ask for QR Code or anything.

I think that the only last thing I can try is to update firmware via SD Card. I have the firmware downloaded from the official website, but there is no tutorial on how to name firmware on SD Card. I tried firmware.bin, original name, an original name with bin, and others. Nothing work.

Can you help me? Thanks.

Here is a video of the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51WPqo51R_4

Hey @bamoli7338 I am so sorry to hear that! That sounds like the camera might be defective. Have you contacted our support team at www.kamihome.com/contact?

They can help you replace the camera if needed.

Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me how to update the firmware of this camera via SDCard? Thanks.

absolutely @bamoli7338

Follow this link for detailed instructions: https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025878633-How-to-upgrade-the-firmware-

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