Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Firmware Update!

Hi there! Great news - There is a new firmware update for the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera! So if you haven’t already, please make sure to update your firmware so that your Kami is in tip-top shape and ready for action!

Before we get into the following steps on how to update your firmware, let’s make sure you’ve done everything necessary to get your camera ready!

To make the best and correct use of the product, we’d like to strongly encourage you after receiving your camera to first fully charge the batteries before inserting them into the camera to pair it.

You will also need to make sure that you are using the latest Kami Home or YI Home App on iOS or Android. You’ll be able to update your camera’s firmware directly from your App whenever a new firmware update gets released. We highly recommend that you keep your camera’s firmware up-to-date.

Once you’ve guaranteed you’ve done the previous two items, all that’s needed is pairing! After you’ve paired your camera (Here is a video on how to pair your Wire-Free Outdoor Camera) you can then update your firmware to the latest version!

Need help updating your firmware? No worries! Follow these 4 simple steps to get your Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera updated in no time! With the latest Kami Home or YI Home app, the firmware update should be prompted automatically once you tap the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor camera in your Home app.

  1. In your Kami Home or YI Home app, you will tap your Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera feed on the Home screen.

  2. When you see the notification for a new firmware update, click “OK”.

  3. Next, you will see the current and the latest versions of the firmware. Click “Upgrade”.

  4. You will then see the message, “The firmware upgrade is starting and normally requires 4 to 5 minutes (depends on internet connection). Please keep your device connected to the network and powered on.” Click “Confirm”.

That’s it! You’re all set! Hopefully, you found this helpful! Have a great rest of your day! :blush:


In the Yi and Kami App on both iOS and Android the download of the firmware stays at 0% forever.

I tried formatting my sd card to FAT32 downloading the firmware and renaming it firmware.bin and inserting that no luck.

Please advise


@typod I was able to locate your email to our customer support. I will address your concern in that email thread regarding the firmware issue.

hi all updated… what does this firmware update provide? is there any enhancements, bug fixes?

what does this update provide… any details?

I have not seen any change log for the update. I’d suggest you could try asking support directly by email

Support Email:support@yitechnology.com

I’m not sure if they will disclose this information and at best you may get back bug fixes and performance improvements.

Yi technology is not the only company of the IOT world to be like this though, so don’t think a lack of information is a reflection on Yi technology.

Hola, realmente tengo una Kami Wire-Free Outdoor y estuvo funcionando unos meses. Cambié la camara de ubicación y nunca mas volvió a enlazar con el router. Probé en 3 routers distintos, probé a reiniciar la camara a valores de fabrica, probé con distintos moviles y en ninguno enlaza la camara con la wifi. Cuando llega al momento de escanear el codigo QR con la wifi, se me queda siempre en el paso de Waiting to connect… Llega a leer el codigo, pero al cabo de unos segundos me vuelve a decir Waiting to connect … Me gustaria si me pudieran ayudar. Muchas gracias