Kami Wire-Free Camera Kit - 6mo free cloud offer

I purchased two of these kits, which include the Kami Wire-Free Camera, Base Station, and batteries with charger based on the offer of 6 months free cloud storage. However, after onboarding one of the cameras, I only see the standard cloud offerings when I try to activate cloud storage.

How to I enable the free 6 months of cloud storage through the Kami Home app?

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This is Patrick with YI Technical Support. Please follow the instructions below.

How to setup and activate the free cloud for your Kami Wire-Free Camera

1.First, confirm your Kami Smart Security Base Station is powered on, properly connected to your home network and setup in the app.
2. Open and log into your Kami Home app.
3. On the app home screen, click on the (+) symbol in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Under Select Device, click on Kami Wire-Free Camera.
5. Please put the battery into the Kami wire-free camera, close the lid and place the cover back on the camera. Click Next.
6. Place the Kami wire-free camera close to the Kami Smart Security Base Station. Click Next.
7. Press and hold the button on top for 2-5 seconds. The camera will pair with the base station. Click Next.
8. After the camera is paired, create a name for the camera. Click Done.
9. Under Cloud storage, click on “Activate YI Cloud Service.”

10. Under Active Service, you will see the service time for 6-months of free cloud service. Click on “Active”

11. Under Cloud storage, click on “Start using my YI”

12. Your camera now has 6-months of free cloud service.

If you have any questions please email us a support@yitechnology.com
Please refer with ticket number 419375

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How do I activate the 6 month free service if I skipped activation during the setup process?

Should I remove the camera and base station and start the setup process over again to see the “Activate Yi Cloud Service” option?

It seems your app doesn’t allow the user to enable 6 months free if you skip the activate step at the very beginning. Since I generally don’t sign up for services that cost money immediately, this seems like a big issue with your app, as it’s not obvious that you must click the activate option in order to enable 6 months free. Is there some alternate method to enable the 6 months?

If you missed the opportunity to claim your Free Cloud after pairing your camera or were not presented with the option to claim included Free Cloud please contact support@yitechnology.com with proof of purchase and they will assist you. Once this step is passed in the app, there is no way within the app to get back to it.