KAMI STORE QUESTION (UK) | Can I purchase the 5-camera plan (£100 GBP) and still get the free camera?

In the UK there is a great offer of a free Kami Mini when you purchase the annual £40 plan.

But that plan is only for 1 camera - I already have 3, so I wanted to add a 4th camera, but I need the standard plan (£100 annually). is this possible?

Or, instead, is there a discount code I could use on the annual plan to reduce it by the price of the camera so I don’t miss out for already being a customer?


Hello. For speed of response and to gain a conclusive answer to your request please contact YI/Kami support team.

Thanks. Let us know the response.

For those of you in the UK wondering what this offer is. It is the one showing within the offer banner on the app Welcome Home page.

The Kami Cloud bundle deal is also available here!


Thanks! No reply yet, but it doesn’t help that the “plans” link from the main page is 404:


That is the page.

A week and no reply, so I tried the interactive chatbot; I ticked “none of these suggestions helped”, then “create a ticket”, then it asked my name and email and then said

“Thank you. Your Case Id is xxxx. Use this for your reference. The support team will review and get back to you via email as quickly as possible”

Um… it didn’t actually ask me to enter the question! It shouldn’t be this hard…

Looping in @Steven_Kami

Hey @digitaltoast let me see what I can do about getting you so sort of discount code for adding cloud to all 4 cameras and still getting that free camera.

Do you have any cloud plans at all right now?

Hi @Steven_Kami - thanks for getting back to me. At the moment, I just have the free plan, but I have just purchased a Kami 1080p Wireless outdoor camera, and the free camera would make 4 in total. But of course, I need the “full” plan to make the most of this. Many thanks!