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How do I adjust the microphone volume on my Kami Outdoor Security Camera?
Even if I speak directly into the mic from less than 10cm away, it is too quiet for me to hear.
I need to be able to hear the audio from the security footage and use the intercom, but it’s too quiet.

I bought this camera to use as an intercom for my front door, because Yi and Kami doesn’t sell a doorbell yet, but so far I am unable to properly use the intercom since I cannot hear the audio loudly.

I hope my camera is not defective. I’ve seen some reviews on YouTube and the audio is very loud.
The only way I can hear, is to view the video file on my PC, and turn the volume to MAXIMUM, and even on maximum, it’s extremely quiet.


Hello ShocWave,

Please contact our support team so I can provide the support your looking for and ask question to resolve your issue quickly.

Please provide your Ticket Number: 405639‬

Best Regards.
Kami Technical Support
Toll-free Number 1-844-878-1584 Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)

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Hi! Can you turn the IR LEDs on and off while in night vision mode?

Thanks in advance!


Yes you are able to turn off the IR LEDs. You will see the toggle in your Camera Settings called Night Vision IR Light. Just toggle it off when not needed.