Kami Outdoor Wireless camera lens fog

My Kami wireless camera is exhibiting a foggy image and looking at the lens fog or. moisture seems to be behind the lens. I am very conscious of tightening it properly when changing batteries. I make sure the moisture seal ring is in good condition and I thread the camera properly when putting back together after a battery change. There has been no drop, or hit with anything. I guess these cameras are either not meant to last, or not good quality? It has been annoying to change the batteries, and the lack of recording ability because it would take too much battery power, and the lack of accurate motion sensing, I think I’m done with this camera. It is on the expensive side. I should have just done the work to trench a wire and have a proper camera outdoor.

Hi. There are many threads about lens”fog” or condensation. Take a search and read the articles.

From what you have said in your post a battery monitoring camera and it’s limitations, across all brands of this type of technology, does not fit with what you need.

Always best for the ultimate security or monitoring system to have mains powered devices.


I looked at your post about it being common to these type of cameras regardless of brand. Thing is this camera has not exhibited this ever. It’s been in the exact location for about 2 years through all seasons and weather types the location has to offer. So I’m wondering if a seal has dried and cracked, perhaps by weather changes over time, or who knows what? It just seems like 2 years is a short life. It’s not harsh or extreme changes being in the northern New Jersey region we have 4 seasons but it’s not the desert or arctic.

You are lucky if you’ve never had this before. I’m in the uk with very gentle winters and progression to cooler weather and all the external cameras I’ve either owned or tested in winter have exhibited the fogging sensation. I help limit it but using a product like rainX or fogX on the lenses. It happens on products that have cost much more than any Yi camera I’ve had.

Since it’s just happened it could be the weather seal is less so now. If you warm the lense (gently with a hairdryer) does it clear? Leaving it in sunshine will clear it or usually does.

I feel something has changed with the camera. The fog seems to be on the inside of the lens. Perhaps the internal portion has been compromised. Right now it is 71 degrees out. There is a bit of humidity at 71%. But this is a pretty nice day and the lens is fogged. I have wiped the outer portion with a nice clean dry lint free cloth. Inside fogged.