Kami outdoor wired camera way too sensitive

Hi, I have a wired Kami outdoor cam, picture is great, really good quality, however, even on the lowest sensitivity option I am alerted by rain and even flies. I have had to put notifications on the low setting and then eventually just turned off notifications completely as it was getting ridiculous. To confirm, the camera is good with human detection but is really very sensitive. To the point where I am considering replacing it as I’ve had to turn off notifications which defeats the whole point.
Any help or assistance is much appreciated…

Have you tried camera settings and alert settings?

What the activity size for detection?

Hi there,
Yes, both are currently on ‘Low’. To be honest I could live with lots of notifications if they were ligitimate, but I don’t need to know about rain and insects. Really struggling as I can’t see any other settings that I can try?

Have you tried a reset?

Your motion detection size ?

I haven’t tried that. Is that something I can do remotely or is there a hardware option?

Tried moving the detection area, hasn’t made any difference. On any video I look back at it’s either a bird, a fly or rain…

Reset near the memory card

OK, thanks very much for this, will try in the morning and report back.

Many thanks for your help!

Must admit I do get a few false alerts but not all the time

Yeah, at the height of this issue I was getting probably 40/50 notifications within an hour. I literally had to turn off notifications.