Kami outdoor not good enough

I have recently purchased this colour night vision camera at the end of 2020,but only over last few days I setup the camera outside. It would not connect to WiFi for a start even tho my router is less than the required distance from camera. Also setup inside house which worked ok.

It was outside for 1 night and it has filled with condensation so picture once back inside to view is all cloudy. It’s obviously not fit for purpose for outside use and need to return.
Purchased from Kami store.

Weather conditions and environmental s cause the condensation. It happens to all of these types of inexpensive monitoring cameras.

I assume if you got it outside for the”1 night” you got it connected to your network?

Take a look at this thread for advice on using this type of battery camera and some advice on preventing the condensation.

Hey @Bulldog Thanks for providing some information.

That is good that is within the required distance.

Is your wifi router connected to 2.4ghz or 5ghz?

How many walls between the camera & router when the camera is outside?

What is the outer walls made of?

Camera placement is vital for outdoor cameras. The more you can protect them from the elements the better. Weather places a big role. Take a look at the thread shared by @YorkshireUser, its very helpful to see how others have helped protect their cameras.

And, take a look at this article for a little more information on outdoor camera placement. Thanks for your patience. Hope you’re having a good day!

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Hi it’s connected to 2.4ghz as I know 5 does not work with this camera. 2 walls before camera,and 2nd wall is brick.
Rain does not effect picture on our other branded cameras,yet this one had water inside and fogging to the lense, obviously from water or the cold weather.
If it’s a outdoor camera then it shouldn’t have restrictions to where it’s placed if it’s supposedly weatherproof.
It’s not as if the camera was cheap either,I went for the Yi brand as they are usually a recognised company to me.
I have an indoor camera pointing out window aswell, but I need a outdoor camera to view the garage area which cannot be seen from the angle of our windows.
I also purchased another brands 360 camera which I thought I could face out the window at my parents but it reflects the glass unlike the Yi indoor camera.

Hi. No I couldn’t connect outside, I got fed up and was getting late so left it installed overnight before I could take it down and test in the house again,which then connected to wifi. So 1 night outside and it had water ingress.
I bought it from Kami directly,not sure whom I contact about returning it tho?
Don’t think a battery cam will last long enough as it points across street and cars constantly drive past.

No a high traffic area is not good for battery cameras. The condensation is not water ingress into the lens but more the cooler temperatures causing a fog on the lens. Like what can happen on house windows and cara.

It happens a lot. The thing to do is prevent it happening. So placement is key to getting it right. I protect similar with RainX.

Go through support:

Support Email:support@yitechnology.com
US Toll FREE Number +1 (844) 234 8492 Mon-Sat 8:00AM - 5:00PM (PST)
UK Toll FREE Number +44 (0) 808 281 2452 Mon-Sat 3:00PM - 12:00AM (GMT)

@Bulldog they are not restrictions. They are tips to help maximize the potential of your outdoor camera.

Let me send you a direct message about this and we will get your taken care of.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Steven, Still not had a refund,and no replies to my emails regarding this aswell to yourself.
What’s going on?