Kami outdoor camera night vision not working

I have 10 to outdoor, 1 Kami wirefree and 4 Kami outdoor cameras.

1 if the kami outdoor cameras has a circular fog during night vision, I assume it’s the IR sensor.

Its brand new out of the box. I’ve emailed both Kami and Yi support and received no reply to any email sent.

30 day money back guarantee and warranty doesn’t mean much if you cant contact them and get a reply

Very disappointed

Hi Brian, sorry to here you’re having issues with one of the cameras. I can see your emails to our support team (tickets #449856 and #448466). There is a delay from customer support at the moment due few factors. But please be assured that they will get back to you as soon as they can and we will get a replacement camera sent out to you.

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Thanks Mark. I’ve ordered 2 more Kami since for a neighbour and will continue to add to my own collection Yi and Kami on our properties, I just would like to be sure there is resolution

Thanks for the reply, and I’m happy to wait.


One thing you can try is to go into the settings and turn the IR night mode off and see if it improves.
A halo like this can be caused by the IR lights reflecting off something and back into the lens or the gasket that seals the lens from the outer ring of IR lights might be allowing light through to the side of the lens.
This can also happen if there is some ambient light in the area like a street light.

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Hey Brian, you’re very welcome. That’s really cool that you’re helping your neighbor :sunglasses: With that many YI and Kami cameras you must be an expert by now so it would be great if you could join our VIP list.

Also, please do keep me updated regarding the replacement. Fingers crossed we can get that processed for you without too much delay.

Hey @wirlybird that is very interesting :thinking: if that is the case, testing the camera in another location if possible might also be a good idea.

Hello. Ambient light isn’t the cause as this is on a farm. We own the property for all around it and there is no lights.

The IR light turned off does remove the halo, but it of course removes the night vision so essentially its darkness. The Kami has really impressive night vision, but not on this one.

I will move the camera. I have 2 more unopened in the van, I will try one of them in the same location and see if it the same.

I once had an issue with the Yi outdoor cameras, 2 of them. They would turn off at in the evening. K was absolutely stumped why they would turn off and not turn on again until the morning. Eventually, trial and error i found the solution. It was the plug the USB connects to. Yi supplied a US plug so I used a pair of UK plugs I had. I eventually realise the plug I was using was only 0.5a as opposed to 1a on the original. So everytime the darkness would trigger the IR the extra requirement of electricity would not be supplied by the weaker plug and the camera would shut off!

I’ll try swapping cameras and see if it works, but I know for sure it wasnt an issue with the Yi camera in the exact same spot…

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If turning off the IR makes a difference then that at least indicates the issue. If there is no light such as a porch or outdoor light and nothing for the IR to reflect off of such as an eve or overhang then I’d say it is the seal tht is supposed to keep the IR light from entering the lens.
Trying another camera should clear it up quickly.


I have installed another Kami outdoor camera this evening.

I’ve 15 cameras. 11 Yi outdoor and 4 Kami Outdoor

2 of the 4 Kami outdoor have this Halo effect.

This is frustrating.

Hey @Brian did customer support get back to you yet? This might be covered under warranty.

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Yes. They replied and have given them the details but not heard anything since.

This particular one was only installed in the last few hours so I would hope its covered by warranty

Ok, that’s good that you are in touch with them. Please keep me updated on the situation if you don’t mind.

Hello Mark.

I have had no update from customer support on this issue


Hey Brian, may I please have your support ticket number?

Update: don’t worry I found it!

Just installed new Kami outdoor and have this issue… I have been waiting any update from YI Support but nothing… do you guys have any hints ? :slight_smile:

Hello @mnice. I’ve since had another Kami with the same issue. It doesn’t appear to be something that can be solved other than replacing the camera

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Hey Mika, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Please be assured that Customer support will get back to you, but there is a backlog of about a week at the moment.

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Thanks Mark, opened case last week Monday (7.9) and then started to check other “support” options and found this thread :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome Mika. Please let me know if you don’t hear back from customer support, or have any issues replacing the camera and I will follow up for you.