Kami outdoor camera goes offline at same time each day

On Oct I installed my third camera. We have purchased three outdoor security cameras. We have been installing them and really like the features and ease of setup and operation. We finally installed the last one on the 30th of Oct. It connected and we ran a connectivity check to make sure it was getting a good signal from our router. Connectivity was 10 out of 10. We had it all set up and then at 7:05 PM on the 30th it went off line. The other Two cameras were unaffected. To check to see if the camera would come back on line I rebooted the router. While the router was unplugged the two cameras were blinking blue. The offline camera stayed solid blue. We then after several tries got the camera to reset. At 7:02 PM on the 31st of Oct. the camera went offline again. I rebooted the router again and checked the three cameras. The two unaffected were blinking blue while the router was rebooting. The affected camera was solid blue. After the reboot the camera still shows

“Offline at :2020/10/31 7:02PM”.

Is there a problem with this camera or am I missing a setting that should be changed?

I will reset the camera today and advise if it occurs again today.
Today we rechecked the app version. 1.3.9 is what the About setting shows the version to be. The camera firmware version is 4.7.1b.

We had to disconnect the camera from power and then reconnect to power before we could do a reset. We also used the sd card and tried to update the firmware version just to make sure it was current. At 6:03 PM the camera went offline again. We tried to refresh it to no avail. Please advise me as if there is something else I can try to get it to stay on line. Just before it went offline the connectivity was 10 out of 10. There was a code (-3006). Does that mean anything?

What plug are you using with the camera giving issue?

Is it a USB plug supplied by Yi or is it one you picked up?

The plug needs to be 2amp.

I’ve had this issue. The night vision turns on when it begins to get dark. Night vision requires extra power and the insufficient plug below 1amp isnt able to supply the power so the camera shuts down. It will come back online when the daylight returns

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Hey Chuck! You may also check the limit of the device that your router can support.