Kami Mini Indoor stops recording if app NOT onscreen

I just bought a 1080p Kami Mini Indoor, set everything up easily, formated the 16gb sandisk card, changed the mode to continuous recording so i could have the memory card as the storage device, but when i click on record, whether sd or hd quality is selected, recording starts as normal.

But as soon as i minimize, switch, lock my phone’s screen or do anything but keep the app on screen, the recording will just stop.

I have the latest version from the app store, i tried older apk’s, and all of them do the same.
If i use the desktop app, continuous recording works, but unless i can get the mobile app to work, the camera will be going back.

I found my answer myself.

Because this is not explained in any documentation, i was assuming that i had to hit record on the app for ANY recording to happen and be saved. So when the little record box/icon showed it as recording stopped, and then i went into the mobile app’s ALBUM to see where i thought the FULL recordings were viewable from. All i saw were short vids.

Turns out that when 24/7 continuous recording is activated in the mobile app, and a memory card is inside the camera, i don’t need to use the mobile app to start recording, the camera automatically starts recording when it is activated/ turned on.

So me hitting the app’s record function and then seeing the short clips in the app’s album is just confusing users like me into thinking it’s not working properly.

You really need to change this and make it clear to users.

Thanks for the feedback @bacon I am sorry for any confusion. We are working to simplify the app and make it as easy to use as possible. I will be sure to share your feedback with our team.