Kami mini camera WIFI PASSWORD ERROR

Hello Guys!!

I have a KAMI MINI CAMER it was working just fine , i have other 6 cameras , 2 from Kami and 4 from Yi home camera and Yi dome guard.

Suddenly on this Kami camera got disconnected from the wifi ( camera offline) i went to check it and reset it , everything as usual but when i put the wifi password and scan the QR code it says connecting…wifi password error …waiting to connect and goes again.
Sometimes algo says …connecting to wifi…waiting to connect…qr code scanned…waiting to connect…wifi password error and goes again

I already try different phones , a new kami account , activating location services , using the desktop computer to pair , and nothing works.

I was looking for the firmware to reinstall it but i dont fine the firmware for this Kami ( the other one that i have and is working the firmware is

Hey @wfonsecas Thanks for coming to the community! We are glad to have you around :slight_smile:

Great question! I would recommend reading this forum thread about pairing issues and see if this helps.

Pairing Time Out Resolution

Also, here is a troubleshooting help desk article for wifi password errors for android phones:


And wifi password error for iOS devices.


Keep us posted on how everything goes :slight_smile:


Sadly nothing of that works! , regarding the potential router blocking the IP , i try to do a hotspot and even in a different house and i get the same wifi password error.

Also the location trick does not work either :C is there any way to reinstall the software in the Kami camera?