Kami Doorbell Camera - reset sucsessful but no "waiting to connect" nor yellow light

As i stated in the title, i can sucsessfully reset the kami doorbell camera but it wont “waiting to connect”. The camera it self is now unusuable, is there a way to “flash” its firmware or something as thats obviously a firmware problem.
Any suggestions please?
Here is the link


I had this “problem” about a year ago. I removed the battery and made sure I fully charged it ( I charged for about ten hours). I tried again, had the same issue. I charged the battery for another 4-5 hours and the Doorbell cam worked again after that. This was after resetting the camera due to connection issues. I’m not sure why, or how that fixed the issue but I was having the exact same issue. Hope this helps. I’ll tag in @Steven_Kami to see if he has any insight or maybe can reach out to someone. Take care!