Kami Doorbell camera not working properly

I am having problems with my Kami Doorbell camera. It pairs fine and shows a 100% signal strength in the app. I have 12 other kami camera on the app and on the kami cloud that work fine. This is he second Kami Doorbell I have tried and the results have been similar. I have experienced the following problems: The doorbell drops from the wifi seemingly for no reason. Most of the time it misses motion at the front door of any type. Sometimes it misses the doorbell ring even though the mechanical doorbell rings. If it picks up motion, it is at the end of the motions sequence like when a car is almost past or the person is walking away. The doorbell never rings on my or my wife’s Samsung phone (Push doesn’t work at all). Sometimes video is not uploaded to the cloud and when I push the green button it says “no video uploaded today” even thought there are activity alerts. I noticed online the current firmware is listed as d201_9.2.00.34_202105141633 and mine is listed on the app as and it says up to date. I have checked all the setting many times and have “Play Chime on phone” set, “video upload service” set, cloud service enabled (all other cameras work). “Motion Detection” is set on as well as “Person detection”, “Face recognition”, “alert frequency high” etc etc. I think the firmware needs an overhaul. Maybe there is a beta version I can test.