Kami doorbell cam excessive false detections!!

I purchased the Doorbell Cam and installed it as directed. Now, I get false motion detection alerts constantly. I have tried to change the detection area, tried to change the detection range, turned off person detecting and then I get motion detections every few minutes. This is absolutely unacceptable. If there is no way to adjust this camera to get rid of the false detections, then it’s going to have to be returned.

Hey @RitchieP Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear that you’re having so may false detections. Have you recently updated your app and the firmware on the doorbell camera? If not, please check your App Store for an update and check to see if the firmware is up to date.

I just installed my Kami doorbell today and have 8 false activations in the first 2 hrs, at first it said person detected then after turning that off it just gives false motion detections, but every time there is nothing there. Help.

Yes… The app and firmware are up to date. I am still getting false alerts constantly. I had to turn off motion detection on the doorbell cam as it was disturbing my work. And that sort of defeats the purpose of the camera. I have included a screen shot from the camera. The street is 45 feet from the porch. I have tried removing all but the very bottom area in the detection settings and still get flase positives.

My firmware also says it is updated, yesterday after installing it about 10:30 am I received 19 false detections before turning it off. Today I turned it back on at 9:15 am and so far have 20+ false detections. But I think I may have figured out what is going wrong, my wife walked around in front of the door and was not tripping it, however after coming back inside I received an alert of a person detected 2 -3 min after she left the area and nothing was on the recording, so she tried it again and same thing 2-3 min go by before the alert comes in and of course nothing. I don’t know what will fix this delay but it is useless the way it is.