Kami cloud offline playback

Is it possible to play videos from Kami Cloud when the camera is offline? I would like to play cloud recordings even when the camera is offline

Great question! Yes, you can. For example, if someone stole one of your outdoor cameras and it went off line. It would stink if you couldn’t then access the cloud footage of it actually happening. Thats why, you can view your activity alerts even if the camera is offline.

Can it be done without alerts? Just to watch the timeline?

Hmm I think I need a little more information. Do you have CVR cloud plan?

I don’t have a cvr plan. I have an entry plan. I know he only records motion activity. It works poorly from the alerts, everything pops up. I would like to have access to all cloud recordings as with an online camera

Hey @lpdybek You can access your cloud activities with a camera offline. It won’t, pick up new activity if it is offline. That’s the only caveat. You can turn your camera off in the evening and view your daily activity recordings.