KAMI app splash page ads

I have been using YI/Kami security cameras for close to eight years now. I’ve turned countless people to the brand, pretty much everyone in my family uses them. My cousin just bought a house and as a housewarming gift, my dad wanted to buy her the four pack that is offered on Amazon. We know that when she uses them she would likely also buy the dome models as well.
Just a few weeks ago, I started noticing splash page ads when opening the app. I thought it was a glitch from another app when I switched to look at my cameras. To my dismay, it’s the Kami app displaying the ads. It is an annoying, not to mention very cheesy move to open a security camera app to show someone the cool features only to get spammed by some weird ad as if I was opening Candy Crush or some other free-mium game. I read another complaint about it on your community board where you only responded to pay some subscription to eliminate the ads. No thank you, I’ll just move to a different brand and suggest them from now on. I will admit that it was good while it lasted.


We are sorry for the trouble. We would like to offer you an exclusive discount on our ad-free subscription. By subscribing to our premium plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to all the features of our app without any ads.
Please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact so we can further assist you.

I’m doing the same! I have 5 of these cameras and just went back and the sellers page ( different models & different sellers) & updated all my reviews to one star & warned others about the ads.
This is disgusting what they did!

I have been using the camera’s and actually bought a new one. I have always been able to see my videos without having to subscribe to the cloud and now the ad shows up and I can’t get out of it. If I can’t get rid of the ads I’m going to throw the cameras away and get a different brand where I don’t have to subscribe.