Kami App Has Gone Crazy With Alerts.

I installed the Android Kami app in February. Not once has it popped up a notice on my phone for activity. Motion detection seems ok and is all I need.
Last night however it started sending notices like crazy.30 notices in 30 minutes and still continues with this today. Two of the cameras with the most notices are only detecting bugs in the back yard.
I am guessing a recent update has changed something because my iPad app is not sending notices and this one on my phone has never sent a single notice in 5 months until last night.

Any thoughts?

Hi Chris, this is a very strange development. What cameras in particular have you seen the most change?

Also, with the iOS version of the app are you seeing the same amount of alert clips in the alerts section of the app as you are in the Android version? Both the android and iOS app should in theory show the same amount of alert clips.

Is it possible that there is just a large increase in bugs??