Kami app for my laptop

Greetings everyone. I formerly owned a competitors product and have purchased one camera for testing. I downloaded the Kami PC app. It found my camera and account with no problems. But it is so small on my PC it’s almost unusable. I’m sure it’s a scaling issue or perhaps I downloaded the wrong app.
Any suggestions about scaling or a link to the correct app would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year

Might be an issue on your end, I’ve no problems like that, it default on full screen. Did you maximise the screen? Second button from the top right corner? I’ll assume you did

Yeah. It’s a scaling issue on my end. Even at full screen everything is small. (except video)

Hey @jfcoll Here is the link to download our desktop/Mac apps


Is this the link you used?

@jfcoll and welcome to the community! Thank you for joining. Please share what you’ve learned for others & stick around to learn more!

Yes. Just uninstalled/reinstalled. Same issue. My laptop is pretty much plain vanilla Dell XPS. No issues with any other software. This is very strange.

Thanks for the welcome

@jfcoll Can you zoom in at all via the “View” tab on the upper menu selection bar or by pressing “command” and “+” on your keyboard?

This is def a strange one that hasn’t been reported before.

View tab? Can’t see it if it’s there. The video itself is good. Just the options on left side navigation unreadable. I would blame the laptop but everything else is fine. I’m a IT consultant so I have a lot of programs installed. Office products, 3 browsers, Teams, Zoom, etc. All displaying properly.

I had the same issues with many apps, due to the high resolution I have on my Win10 laptop. Many apps are not built to handle high DPI settings with higher resolution.
Only way to fix this is to go into properties of the app and override the High DPI settings. Hope this fixes your issue.

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Bobs your uncle! Thanks for the tip. Viewing is now acceptable.

Truly appreciate it.

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Glad it worked for you. Maybe Yi dev team can look to make some changes in future version to support higher DPI settings, as with more people moving to 1080p or 4K resolutions, maybe even 8K, apps need to support the higher resolutions.

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Great tip @Sokpan! Thank you so much for sharing & participating in the community! We truly appreciate your assistance.