Just got in 3 cameras I have not been able to connect them to my wifi

I just got in 3 cameras. Did what they said to do, but my Camara will not be added so it can be used.
Said to hold my phone with the set up thing on it close to the Camara, I have done that about 10 times and will not recognize the Camara to use it.
Any suggestions, I have tried close and farther away. Will not set up.


Apologies for any difficulties you experienced with the setup. We’d be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at https://www.kamihome.com/contact.

Thank you.

That’s a good thing - Yi/Kami has moved almost all useful features to a Paid Plan so unless you are going to pay them, then they will not help you. You will never “own” these cameras or their content and you will not get any form of Customer Service. RETURN THEM