Just a few questions from potential buyer about indoor camera

I can see that the YI indoor camera can record video onto an SD card.
Is 60 seconds the limit of recording length on SD card when motion sensor activated?
Will it record only once if I am not home?
example- cat sets off motion detector and burglary occurs 10 minutes later- will I only have video of cat walking around on SD card? (I don’t want to rely on cloud, our power cant be cut off from outside, but internet can be. Seems like paranoia but you haven’t met our drug addict neighbors who overheard me talk to GF about package arriving and had a friend stand outside my doorway and sign for it when I wasn’t home)

Would be nice if I knew I was going to be away for 2 hours if the camera would simply record those entire 2 hours onto the SD card.

Thanks for any help.
Sean G

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The SD card can’t be set up to record all the time. With a decent sized card you can get a good seven days of footage before the oldest is overwritten by newer footage.

You can set it to activity only recording and that will keep more recordings and should keep the recording active until the notion is ended.

For both you will get the 6 seconds of free cloud storage alert via the YI cloud.

The camera will record all the time it is switched on whether at home or not.

I would recommend with an SD card you have it recording all the time and should you not wish to record turn it off via the app.

I believe using SD card if you lose power the recording stops but if you lose internet connection the camera should still continue to record to the SD card.

In my opinion and I have multiple other brands of monitoring cameras YI ones are in there with the best I use. Especially the Dome one which can be used to track movement.

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