Issue with the Yi Dome night vision

My camera constantly switches between the black and white night time mode and full color day time mode even with a fully lit room. it wouldn’t be a big issue if it wasn’t for the massive click that happens and it being in the babies room. The click is so loud is has woken up my child before. can i just lock one of the modes on completely to avoid this issue?

Hey @FeonixBlackstone thank you for joining the forum! Has your camera always behaved like this? Or is this something that has recently started happening?

It’s always done this, switching back and forth in twilight like circumstances. I want to disable the switching completely and keep it held on night vision because the babies room is always kept in low light conditions it’s where he naps.

Hey @FeonixBlackstone you can disable the IR night vision from within the app. You could try the camera with it turned off during the day and then turn on night vision again at night.