Is there a way to keep the desktop app continually running?

please solve this issue,
i have alot of criminal activity at my neighbourhood recently and when im at work i put cameras at display

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I’ve been using mine on my desktop for a few years now and once last year it went into the pausing mode for about a month. I almost ripped them off the wall and went with WYZE, but then they started working again, all day long, no pausing… even when I was gone for 12 hours. Now all the sudden, a year later, I’m back to pausing again. It does me absolutely no good to have security cameras if I can’t monitor them. I mean, YI, you can fix the issue or it seems like a ton of us will be switching systems… I don’t know.


if they will fix this problem i will buy more cameras
so they are losing money

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Mine constantly pause, it is pretty ridiculous. Users have been asking for this to be fixed for years.
Support periodically come on and says “gee, we had no idea” but nothing gets done.

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I would like this to be fixed as well. I leave a desktop computer running with several cameras to view and I have noticed for some reason if I leave the computer on overnight it does not pause all the time. But I can be sitting on couch during the day and every 30 min or so it will pause. It makes no sense. It would benefit me as well if the pause could be disabled.


It is by design as I believe Yi say the cameras are not intended to be viewed over the Internet constantly. So in theory there is nothing to be fixed but for you an improvement could be made by allowing such.

However the impact on internet services and the backbone of Yi would be huge - it sounds like you could do with a traditional style CCTV system rather than an IP camera set up.

May of 2021, is there any update on this? My camera monitoring app (Windows) keep standing by… When will this be resolved?

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Hello. There is currently no way to keep the desktop monitoring app continually open. This is by design. I’m not sure this design will change in the near future.

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Thanks for your feedback @Zushikikato I will bring this up with our team but right now, its not on our roadmap. I’ll keep you posted if that ever changes.

Stay safe and be well!

Please remove the timeout timer on the desktop program. I live in a high theft area, and survey the camera a lot. Most of the time I cannot get to the computer to click on the app to prevent pausing. Very annoying, almost to the point i am going to get rid of the cameras. I made an account on here to hopefully get this resolved.


Thanks for joining the forum @dragonfist I am sorry to hear you’re having challenges with the desktop app closing. I will report this to our team and see where we are at. We have been heavily focused on improving the mobile app. We are working to improve the overall experience for all!

please fix the auto pause 30 minutes issue. I have 15 cam install in my business and every 30 minutes I have to re-connect the cam. it’s very frustrated. please help.

Hey @JIMMII777 That super frustrating. Let me take a look and see what we can do. I will prep you by saying our team has been heavily focused on improving the mobile app. I dont believe the PC app is on their radar just yet. But, I will prep them and see what we can do.

Weird, I tried the Kami PC app on W8.1 with Yi Dome Guard (wired RJ45), after an hour still going. Move the camera so it wasn’t getting an activity and 3 hours later still going!

Interesting feedback @anyone ! Thanks for sharing with the forum. @JIMMII777 Have you tried the Kami PC app under the same conditions?

I should add as well that without subscription the Yi server arbitrates a connection between my cameras and devices. For the Kami PC app and year 2020+ cameras/firmware that meant UDP streaming data between camera and my WAN IP so no chance of breaking Yi servers backbone. Using the android Yi home app went one further with direct UDP across LAN IP. Once established the fibre to the outside world could be disconnected and video continued to stream on the local LAN without Yi Server intervention. Left running for over an hour like that then surprisingly, purposely exiting the android home app and restarting it continued to show the stream without any arbitration / Yi Server help!

Edit: After changing out an old make do hub connection (old ADSL box) to the PC with a new hub, the camera now also establishes a direct one to one connection with the PC app on the LAN.

Can you believe this? Over two years and still no fix. To make things worse, I bought more because the PC app stayed on before all of these newer software updates. This is FRAUD. THIS IS TO MAKE YOU BUY CLOUD! I will report to the FTC if I cannot get a real fix from this. We are using our home internet, without cloud, stop logging us out. I wasted so much money buying 8+ Yi Home cameras before the 30-minute timeout was set.

Respond with a fix. You have no reason to do this to non-cloud users. I will report this issue to the FTC if I do not get a proper response. Just put all the settings back to how it was when I bought the cameras in 2019.

So you can be forced to buy the Cloud and be able to keep it on… so basically they sold us something good before, took it away, now making us pay a subscription for a feature that was free on the app. This is the type of shit you get with Chinese businesses, they do shady stuff like this. It’s time to start a class-action lawsuit against this company for scamming and racketeering…

  • Captures every alert (no cool down period)

Because it will be a “paid” feature in the Cloud Service soon. LMFAO… You are limited things on the free version, until you pay for Cloud Service to get unlimited features.

We call it racketeering, creating a problem to sell a solution, highly illegal, and this is grounds for a lawsuit.

Hi all! If you’re still looking for a desktop-based solution, I think I have one. I made this throwaway account to post this solution I found, because I don’t feel like the creators would appreciate it as it’s free and I have a feeling they will soon want to charge for these features. lol

On your PC, download a program called Bluestacks, which is an android emulator. Once its downloaded and set up, install and log into the Yi Home app just like you would on any android device. This alone will allow you to monitor your cameras without timing out!

You now have Yi home on your PC, which won’t time out and is fully capable of recording without payment! Enjoy!

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