Is the YI line being replaced by KAMI

Is the YI line being phased out and replaced with Kami? Can I use both YI and KAMI products at the dame time?

Hey @vshipley! Great question!

Our Yi and Kami lines are actually sister brands! The product offering remains the same :slight_smile:

Yes! You can use your Yi and Kami products at the same time. Cameras work with either app.

I am purchasing cameras for a 2nd property. I already have 5 cameras on primary home. With 9 cameras total, I will need a second subscription. Will they remain separate? or will all my cameras show on one dashboard?

Hey @vshipley! Definitely! you can use both YI and Kami camera on either YI Home app or Kami Home app. You can definitely choose which app you are more comfortable with.

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So in the YI app do you get more fuctionality or the same? i see you cant turn the Kami wireless camera off in the Kami app!

Hey @rayxx welcome to the community! Glad you’re here.

Yi & Kami are sister brands. The have the same functionality. Try removing, then redownloading the Yi app or, you can try the Kami app. This might solve your problem.

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