Is Kami/Yi dying?

I was looking to buy some new camera YI 1080. But couldn’t find any reliable shop. The Kami shop is not working at all (dummy product, no stock, dead links everywhere…).
The last news en the blog it’s from 2021.
And the last updates force us to use the Cloud option to continue using AI detection (I have 6 camera, no plan fits correctly for me).

Is Yi/Kami still alive? what is your roadmap/vision? could we still trust you to setup our Camera systems?


This doesn’t seem right. We want to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a note to so we can connect.

Hi Sarah,

Would you be able to answer this publicly?

As this is a forum we others are obviously interested to see some type of answers from Yi / Kami instead of the same “Please send a note to so we can connect.” over and over on every post.

The store is missing 90% of your products here in America, are you shutting down business?

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Hahahaha, theyre never there i suppose.

Right now they terminated my cloud even before the end date and theres NO ONE TO BE FOUND.

Problem is , i had unauthorised access to my house earlier this week and a police report had been filed already, and now the thing we need most to be dependable had died on us. now we are rushing back home to stay at home incase anything happens.


I think I got my answer. :wink: