IOS mobile update

I just updated my Yi Home app on my IOS device to find all my cameras have gone. It’s now 11.38pm and I do not want to go around and re add all my cameras to my app and wake up all family members. I guess I’m now done with Yi.


Hi KJ, I just heard from the engineering that there is a new bug where some iOS users from EU and South East Asia might end up with an completely empty device list - which is what you are experiencing.

At the moment, the only quick way to resolve the issue is to completely remove the app from smart phone and reinstall it. Tomorrow we will have an app update for iOS users to resolve this issue.

Apologies for this!

Hey @MilkinMore an app update has been released with a bug fix.

That still didnt work for me! i had to reset 4 cameras sunday and now again they are gone!

Hi @alzorocks, I’m very sorry but I believe you will need to reset your cameras and pair them again.

I agree what a complete waste of time and money.

@alzorocks most people were able to recover their cameras without having to reset them. Before resetting please try the following steps.

After updating to YI Home Version 4.3.17
1 - Restart your phone
2- Log into the Yi Home app and select your region
3 - If after login if you cannot see your cameras then sign out
4 - Pick the region and login again

If you still cannot see your cameras, then we are very sorry but you will need to reset and re-pair your cameras.

I can’t pair my camera at the moment as I am not home. The camera was bought because we are not home. Now one camera is totally disappeared and there is no way i can reset it or pair because i am not home. I am holiday. A total waste of money. Any advice on what to do? I have reset my phone, updated my phone and the app.

Hi @tukslms I’m very sorry but if you still cannot see your cameras then you will need to reset and pair them again with the app. Is there someone back home that could login to your YI account on their phone and pair the cameras for you?