Install stops at QR code read

Camera worked for months, suddenly disconnected. All other cameras still worked.
I attempted to re-connect the camera.
Power down, reset, etc, even reset router and had the camera right next to the router for setup.
I get to the part where it tries to read the QR code, and nothing happens.
I know the QR function works, I can read these codes elsewhere. I went to the QR code reader in the account/help section of the phone app, and the QR code reads fine.
I have 9 cameras, the Yi 1080p, and the others function.
I took one of the working cameras down to the location of the malfunctioning camera to verify that the signal is OK. That one would not connect, either. When I put the previously functioning camera back to its original location, it would no longer connect and I get the same error when trying to re-connect.
I recently purchased 2 new outdoor cameras, and they both have the same problem, the QR code will not read. In addition, the language on the 2 new cameras is not English.
I removed the SD card to test and still no connection.
I have sent several emails, but each response is the same, the tech does not read previous emails and tell me to do the same steps, ALL of which I have done repeatedly.
I supplied all the information asked for. They want to replace all 4 units. Is this the only option?
If I cannot rely on these cameras working reliably in the future, it may be best to scrap all 9 and get another brand.

Hi, we’re sorry to hear that and we would love to take a look at the issue. Please reach out to our customer support team at

Did that, after your robot kept directing me to articles that are all useless and have nothing to do with my problem, I was notified that I will get an email. Again. The last emails were all useless, as they just told me to do the same things, like reset. Again.
There must be a reason that the QR code will not read, but no one there seems to understand my question, or else no one actually knows.
Note that 2 of the cameras are brand new, never installed.
Even though some of the other cameras are probably out of the 1 year, can I return all 9 of them?

I replaced mine w mubview brand. Exceptional. Best video doorbell. Good luck.

There has not been any attempt from YI to actually help.
The only response is that they regurgitate the very same list of things to try.
I have gone thru the process a dozen times already so telling me to do the same thing over and over and over is not really helping.
Since I have 6 other cameras functioning off the same router, some further away than the malfunctioning cameras, I believe that the problem is the camera and not my WIFI.
I sent 2 emails so far to get an RMA to return 6 of these cameras, and all I get is a run around.
The last email I got today proves that each “support” person never reads the previous emails and asks the same questions.
This process is so very frustrating.

The TI support is less than non existent.
I have a long email thread and EVERY RESPONSE is the same, telling me to do the same things over and over and over.
Latest is that they need a video of me doing the install.
Keep in mind that I have installed 6 other cameras successfully so there is a slim chance I know what I am doing.
The issue is that I do not have a video camera.
I only have one phone camera.
The install app requires the phone.
How exactly do I video myself and do the install at the SAME TIME with the SAME PHONE?
Also, the brand new cameras that will not install are out of stock with no restock in the future, and they refuse to refund or replace with an equivalent, so I am pretty much SCREWED.
The only choice I have now is to replace all my cameras with Wyse or some other reputable brand.