Indoor Chime No operate with Kami Doorbell Camera

Installed doorbell camera to the recommended Heath model chime and the supplied dongle. The indoor chime does not operate when the button on the doorbell camera is depressed.The indoor chime power supply tests at 18volts which is in the recommended voltage range.
Any recommendations of what to do?

Hey @Boaz Thanks for coming to the community forum for more information. Have you contacted our support team yet? Are you a cloud subscriber by any chance?

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. By removing the Kami adapter from my door bell chime it now works when pressed as intended. I am a new cloud subscriber.
Will the camera & chime work when hardwired with the existing doorbell wiring? I believe I read where there are 3 methods to power the system, ac, doorbell wiring or usb connection

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Interesting! I will be sure to report that to our team.

It will work with your existing doorbell wiring. :slight_smile:

Here is a helpful video just in case