Indoor camera goes offline?


I have a new 1080p indoor camera which I recently bought. I have it on continuous record. I am also using a USB socket to power it. What I find is the camera seems to go offline, and I don’t notice for days. So just now I happen to notice it was offline and I couldn’t connect to it. I unplugged it and powered it back on and its fine - but it hasn’t recorded anything in 5 days. Its done this 3 times now. Do I have a faulty camera? I have several others that don’t do this…

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This is a fantastic question that I like the answe to as well. I have 4 of the indoor cameras and they do the same thing recently. Unplugging it and replugging it seems to reset it back to normal function, but for how long I’m unsure. What is causing this? Are these faulty cameras? If not is there a setting we can change that would notify us when they go offline like this?

I I have the same problem with Two of my cameras. Happens about every 10 days with the same 2. I unplug and plug back in and they both return to normal but I don’t know for how long. I don’t look at them every day.

Ok so this can’t be a hardware problem. What I have noticed is I have 3 indoor cameras, it’s only my new one that does this. It’s also the only one on the latest camera firmware. The other two have older firmware. All indoor 1080p YI cameras. So I wonder if YI have broken this in the latest firmware perhaps?

Could Steve or someone from Kami please comment on this? This isn’t a niggle it’s a security problem now…my camera has a new SD card and when the camera goes offline it’s off. Regardless if I monitor it on my iPhone or iPad, so this isn’t an app problem….

anyone at all from Kami…? my support case is the normal reboot the camera and smile and wave…

This has just happened again. Any thoughts or support?

Hey @bpascua thanks for your patience. Can you share with me your ticket number so I can see the recommendations from our support team and any internal notes?

Have you recently reformatted your SD card?
Do you have a different SD card you can try to see if the problem reproducers?
What version of the app are you on?
Firmware version? I understand its the latest but what version and what version are the other cams on?
Have done a recent on the camera recently?

We will get to this resolved and you back on track.

Hello Steve.

  1. The camera is new as is the SD card.
  2. I can try this but suspect its not related.
  3. Its the only camera that has the firmware.
  4. The other cams run the
  5. Each time the camera goes offline you have to unplug it to get it back online. I have also deleted it and readded it.



For the most recent 1080 P, is there a firmware update available?

Hello Steve,

When I select the camera it shows there is an update, when I select the update it says it’s up to date?

And this is a newer 1080P ? Do you remember if it was the AI+ Cam?

Not an AI cam - the basic ones seems to be fraught with enough gremlins!

Hey @bpascua I think the best next step is reaching out to our support team for the previous firmware version. They are our FW gatekeepers and can send you instructions on how to do so. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, they can escalate it and get you taken care of. email and send me your ticket number and I will update the CS team on what’s going on so they can best assist you.

Hi Steve,

I have a case open for a few weeks - > 614411

Support told me they don’t want to downgrade the firmware.



I was told that our firmware page is updated. Check this link here to see if we have a firmware version