Impossible to view videos or record full video without it refreshing back to the live stream.

Every time I try to view recorded video it refreshes to the live stream after about 10 seconds. All the devices I try do the same thing on both Yi and Kami android apps. This started to happen after the app updated. Now it really frustrating to use the apps… Any chance you can remove the refresh from the apps? I need to be able to record video from the SD card and this makes it impossible to do without removing the SD card from the camera and I have over 30 cameras that need ladders to get access to. Please help :pray::us_outlying_islands:

It seem they are working on an upgrade and fix for those issues. I have the same problem.
I just wish they don’t use this to force the user to subscribe to cloud if recording and viewing from SD card is an option.

Im glad to hear that others are experiencing the same problem. I was going crazy trying to view the SD card and it kept switching over to the cloud. Thank you for your response.

I am sorry that this has been occurring @Baylee @jpol378624 That sounds really frustrating. Can you let me know what version of the app you are on? What version of firmware? what type of android device you’re on?

Check to see if there are firmware/app updates just in case.

We can get this escalated to our QA team for evoulation.

I am using an Iphone, not android. YI version 5.52 and Kami Version 3.5.2.
Camera firmware
I am paying for cloud service and works just as I was using the free version.

Using android Kami and Yi app version 3.5.4_20220321055 on Samsung galaxy phones. All the firmware is different from 2019 to current.
This morning our local law enforcement needed to view our 30 cameras and we had a very difficult time getting the video downloaded from the SD card because it kept refreshing the app to live view and always switched over to the cloud view which canceled any video I was recording from the SD card. Also every time we try to view full screen it canceled everything and went back to the home screen and live view… This started to happen 2 updates ago but maybe earlier. It is not a option to remove the SD cards from the cameras because they are not easy to access. Please please please help us with this issue… We just ordered more cameras to replace the older ones without timestamps. Please help us out. Thank you for your time and help with this matter.

Thanks for all the feedback @Baylee @jpol378624 I have shared these details with our team to review and troubleshoot for the next update. I am so sorry for the inconvenience when reviewing your footage. We will get this resolved.