how to monitor more than 10 cameras?

How can I monitor more than 10 cameras in a single Yi app?
I have just added my 11th Yi Dome camera and my Android Yi app can only see 10. I tried to start a second Yi app but that doesn’t work. This is also a problem with my Windows 10 desktop/laptop. I split the 11 cameras across 2 accounts and monitoring some on the smartphone and the rest on a laptop. Is there a way to have all 11 cameras monitored on 1 device? Or a way to launch a second instance of the app on a given smartphone or laptop?

Hello Ted1722!
You can actually add up to 50 cameras to the YI/Kami Home mobile app. You can view 1 camera at a time with a cloud subscription. But if you are subscribed you can view 4 cameras at a time.
With the PC App, you can view up to 9 cameras at a time. If you want to view all 11 cameras on 1 device, here’s a workaround. You can install both Kami Home and YI Home PC Apps and then sign in using the same email address and password on both apps, and set up the multiview feature on each app.
Please note that some features might be missing compared to the mobile app since the PC hasn’t been updated for quite some time but it will be updated soon.
Hope this helps!

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Hi Alvin, thanks for the tip to use Kami Home in addition to Yi Home to monitor up to 9 cameras on each app. Works great for my 11 cameras.

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@Ted1722 glad I could help!